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Correctional Dialysis


Delivering dialysis care in a corrections environment is inherently complex. However, Physicians Dialysis has worked extensively with correctional facilities, so we can offer the solutions you need to provide high-quality dialysis care in a cost effective manner. Currently – at more than a dozen correctional facilities – we offer an array of dialysis services including:

  • Administering dialysis treatments
  • Consulting on the design, renovation, and new construction of on-site dialysis facilities that meet federal guidelines
  • Recruiting specialized staff and training for current employees to deliver dialysis care
  • Telemedicine (remote video and audio communication with physicians and nurses) to
    reduce the costs incurred by frequent off-site consultations
  • Treatment to delay the need for dialysis among patients with early kidney disease
  • Installing dialysis-specific electronic medical records systems
  • Monitoring access to patients’ vascular systems such as fistulas, grafts, and venous catheters
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting medication utilization

We remain compliant with government and contract requirements through ongoing staff training, and we conduct regularly-scheduled quality assurance reviews..